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Water well installation at Changi East

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Established in 1996, Lab Services Pte Ltd. was set up to provide quality Civil & Geotechnical Engineering testing services for construction-related activities. Formerly known as LaboService & Engineering Enterprises, we have grown from strength-to-strength over the years and have emerged as an independent and preferred testing partner.  We specialize in carrying out site and laboratory testing for materials such as Soil, Rock, Concrete & Grout - Jet-grout, Deep Cement Mix and Bentonite Mix samples. With our precedent years of experience and our SAC-SINGLAS accredited laboratory we are committed to providing the utmost competent, reliable and quality test results for the Civil Engineering industry.

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“Unfortunately, soils are made by nature and not by man, and the products of nature are always complex

As soon as we pass from steel and concrete to earth, the omnipotence of theory ceases to exist”
  - Karl Terzaghi, the father of soil mechanics

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